Girls With Depression

My actual personal statement I applied to college with in 2007

Staring up as a child at the cartoon bunnies who danced and flickered across my family’s aging CRT screen, I knew that one day, I would draw them. Of course, mine wouldn’t star bunnies. Instead, they’d feature subject matters of complex, stylish varieties. (Robots and spaceships held my attention more than Bambi’s buddy, Thumper.) Stories and characters soared through the crevices of my brain like idea-eagles. Ideagles! As I scribbled my crude character designs and backgrounds over reams of printer paper, I dourly lamented that my drawings displayed none of the zazz or panache of the TV’s. With those frailties inhabiting my head, I undertook a quest to improve my art and thusly grant beaks, wings and subtly shaded sinew to my shapeless ideagles.

Upon every sheet of paper I held, I let my ink-fed thought-birds fly around and exercise. In the fourth grade, I designed hundreds of beings and settings for video games I wanted to make with my friends. As I matured, I hunted for training tools by painstakingly analyzing every last sliver of animation I could find. Myideagles preyed on the scampering scraps of information in documentaries, books and audio commentaries. As I made feasts of those morsels, I never stopped drawing. I will never stop.

VCU is the voluminous reserve where my ideagles have room to stretch their wings and sprout lavishly detailed feathers. In Richmond, they’ll caper and frolic amongst the sublime and the urban. The vast offerings of the school and the city excite me.  When I’m through with VCU, my ideagles will launch, zipping into one of those entertainment industries that desperately needs a visionary. I will make a visual mark on the world and when my feathered friends are skimming the milky skies of popular thought, there will be glory.”